Blow molding is the process of inflating a hot, hollow, thermoplastic parison inside a closed mold, so that it contours to the mold cavity. Fullimput’s bottles are manufactured from many different plastics using this process.
Blow Moulding
Cost effective solution for high volume
Extrusion Blow Molding:
A parison by definition - is a hollow tube of plastic formed into a hollow object. A parison is generally manufactured downward between the two halves of an open blow mold. The process of manufacturing a bottle is initiated when the parison reaches the correct length of the mould. The mould then closes, catching and holding the neck end open and pinching the bottom end closed.
Thereafter, a blow pin is inserted into the neck end of the hot parison to simultaneously form the threaded opening and to inflate the parison inside the mold cavity. After the bottle cools, the mold opens to eject the bottle. The excess plastic is trimmed from the neck and bottom pinch-off areas.