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Excellence is in the details!
Advanced blow moulding manufacturers, supplying the FMCG, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Household and Cosmetic industry.
Our technical, creative and commercial expertise help you to use innovative packaging to bring your proposition to market, optimise shelf impact and convert to sales.
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Capturing value in every bottle...
Fullimput's use of state-of-the-art blow-moulding machinery and strategic business alliances, have resulted in the company expanding and becoming a leading supplier of custom designed bottles to the South African market. Our custom tooling abilities enable us to create a new bottle style from conceptualisation to completion,  providing a turnkey solution.
Our resourceful staff and infrastructure allow us to expertly craft bottles to our customer’s specifications, with careful attention to detail – our aim is to articulate performance in record-breaking time to produce distinctive and unique bottles that offer customers the opportunity to own their custom mould.
Perfectly packaged to create your customised product
  1. Designing plastic bottles
    Custom Design
    Redefine your brand by developing a design that is unique and innovative. Understanding your vision is an important part of the development process, we strive to produce excellence in every aspect.
  2. Fullimput plastic moulding
    Customised Mould
    Coupled with cutting- edge technology and creative expertise, we are able to transform your bottle design into a real product, providing you with packaging that is unique to the South African market, and of superior quality.
  3. Shell Helix plastic bottles
    Launch Product
    Our skillful team ensure that quality is embodied in every end product. Production Management and Quality Control are a core feature that allow us to meet and exceed clients expectations.
Fullimput Plastic composition